Project Description

Insituto de Bellas Artes, Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramirez (El Nigromante), San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Belonging to the National Institute of Fine Arts, it is located in what was once a convent until the Reformation. It became the headquarters school and for revolution, but it was in 1938 when, although in different schemes, was used for dissemination of art. Besides having David Alfaro Siqueiros murals, Eleanor Cohen and Pedro Martinez, several exhibitions, courses and workshops are presented.

Insituto de Bellas Artes, Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramirez

Take an Art, Ceramic, Ballet, Piano, or Guitar Lesson! Learn How to Make a Violin! Take in a Concert or a Play!


The student will know, experiment and deepen different techniques and procedures enshrined in Graphics- Plastic art history as well as modern techniques. Experimenting with conventional techniques as well as the student prefer for best results. Find the best materials and processes for the permanence of the work.


Participants not only expand their knowledge of the subject but also learn a trade that will allow them to continue ahead and perfected in the field of violin making. After a year the students will build a guitar, carousing, ukulele or Venezuelan cuatro. Teach the proper use and handling of the tool used in violin making tools for building


The drawing that universal language through graphic expression that gives life to the ways in different situations. Then everything becomes the contour and geometry. At the end the whole becomes.

The painting is color. The nature of the great master. The light in the middle. The action of the physics and chemistry makes the values through emulsions and pigments help us imiitar nature of forms. Forms pointing us in the making of abstractions and reality, an identification with the human environment.


Ceramic is more than utilitarian or decorative shapes. We can create according to our imagination and between forms, colors and textures volume discover the magic of mud.


Course whose main objective is to develop learners posture, coordination and discipline.


For children, adolescents and adults. The aim is to show from the beginning the way to be followed by students and sensitive human beings to form fine arts, creating need to attend concerts. the student’s ability is observed, the physical layout to the particular instrument and to music in general, through physical exercises placement of the hands, body posture, hearing acuity and material is provided for study during the week. your concentration is observed in the study of the first pieces suitable for age and physical ability. extreme emphasis is placed on the proper phrasing, understanding of the piece, as it can yield a beautiful, neat and expressive melody from the beginning. Prerequisite: have knowledge of music theory.


For children, adolescents and adults. The goal of the class is that students have the foundation and knowledge for a correct reading of scores, which are needed to play any musical instrument.


The class is for all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced)
various styles within classical and popular genres are handled.
The student will be provided necessary to have adequate technical and musical development tools. For more understanding of the need to study music theory class in parallel with guitar.