Project Description

Terraza Trinitate

the Showroom-Store model was developed by Graciela Orozco with the goal to offer better client service and to present decorative and architectural items in the best ambience possible. Trinitate products are made in León, Guanajuato and have been created to meet the standards and discerning tastes of architects, designers and lovers of beauty and art in general.

At Showroom Stores, clients can find the perfect gift ideas, decorative items for home and garden, dishware for the table, accessories, sculptures, furniture, huge planters, tiles and architectural accessories. And they will always be treated by Trinitate’s sales personnel with the utmost attention that their clients deserve.

The line is a tribute to the rococo style, with its free and romantic lines and wavy forms based on elements from nature. The Art Object collection, made using the traditional pottery wheel, is another one of Trinitate’s new products. The molding of the clay on the wheel is one of the oldest and most representative in ceramics, breathing life into the pieces through the movement and use of the hands. This new line of dishes is the spiritual seal, marking the uniqueness of each piece and illustrating the importance of maintaining a balance between man and nature.

For many years since the creation of the factory in 1992, Trinitate worked with Italian artisans and a few from the region of Guanajuato. Today, all of the craftsmen are from the surrounding areas of the Trinidad community in León, where the factory is located. All of them have been trained and have honed their skills in the different techniques used in production. Trinitate is the only company in León that produces clay objects and offers these types of training courses in pottery.

Mexican & Modern to Classic & Rococo ~ All Very Striking

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