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Festival La Calaca ~ The Skull Festival

One of the staples here is the Catrina Parade, put on by Rancho Los Labradores, a community outside town. Fourteen years ago Sergio Chazaro, the patriarch at Los Labradores, noticed that the American version of Halloween was starting to overshadow the traditional sensibility of Dia de los Muertos, bypassing the historical roots that go back centuries and reach deep into the Mexican soul. In response, he and a handful of friends started going around giving candy to kids while dressed up as Catrinas and Catrines, a latter-day male escort for Lady Death that gave men a chance to put on skull make-up and participate.

Getting the Visitors up to Speed
As the Catrina parade got more popular it was opened up to anyone who wanted to join, including locals and visitors, and Mexicans and foreigners—unlike other events that are limited to specific groups: San Miguel residents, school students, or certain barrios.

“When the foreigners started coming they didn’t know how to put on the makeup,” says Gretel Chazaro, Sergio’s daughter. “They looked like panda bears.” Consequently, the Labradores began hiring make-up artists to help would-be Catrines and Catrinas, and throwing a dinner party and fashion show afterwards.

In San Miguel de Allende, Everyone’s Invited to Their Day of the Dead Fiesta

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Festival La Calaca ~ The Skull Festival