Project Description

Restaurante MiVida ~ Only 2 Blocks Away!

Passion for flavor, passion for good taste, passion for work, passion for details, passion for everything that is natural, passion for things well done, passion…

From the union of talents of two extraordianry Chef’s, Davide Garibaldi, an Italian and Greta Ortega a Mexican. Two culinary trends that fuse in a captivating result.

The five senses experience, through and through.

In Mi Vida every plate is prepare at the moment, true art creations of original cuisine, full of flavor, color and aroma, able to satisfy even the most refined palate.

Bread and pasta are home made, prodce by natural methods.

This is Mi Vida Restaurant  For those who want the best.

The Five Senses Experience, Through & Through

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2 Blocks From Shangri-La