Project Description

Mama Mia

Since 1975, Mama Mia is a place with a good atmosphere, great location and good food. Live music.

It is a bohemian, representing San Miguel de Allende in its simplicity and comfort in friendly atmosphere and inviting. Located just steps from the beautiful Parish of San Miguel de Allende. Mama Mia is already part of the history and tradition of this beautiful city.

It has several spaces that create a totally different environment: is the restaurant which is located in the inner courtyard of the house has a very Mexican decor with leather chairs, trees between the tables; very nice. It is the MAMA’s Bar with live music where you can dance and LEONARDO’s Bar where they can enjoy delicious cocktails. At the top is the terrace bar and became warm days is super rich and have a drink parish fund; on the terrace also they have food service and buffet on Sundays.

MAMA’S Bar & Leonardo’s Bar – Bohemian Cuisine

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