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La Gruta Spa & The Blue Grotto

Located near the outskirts of San Miguel, underground hot springs percolate to the surface and form pools. A five-minute cab ride out of town takes you to La Gruta (six miles outside San Miguel), a slightly shabby water park and picnic spot favored by locals. Two small mineral hot springs and a grotto (Blue Grotto) are bordered by stone retaining walls, palm trees, wildflowers and bougainvillea. You have the option to take a private shuttle to La Gruta – San Miguel Magico ( It is an ecotourism site , which offers thermal water with the millenarian benefits they provide.

Come and discover its healing powers. Why spa? perhaps many people have the idea, or at least think that when referring the word spa, means going to a place where skin treatments are made travez exfoliating massage with products such as creams, oils or other chemicals to name a few but actually the meaning of the word spa actually is a treatment that is given to the skin but in a very natural and pure form through hot springs.

Relax in Natural Hot Springs

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