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Galeria Atotonilco

Welcome to our gallery of fine Mexican folk art! We are not being immodest to say our Mexican folk art is the best. It’s just a fact. Owner Mayer Shacter finds the most talented and imaginative artists and craftsmen working today, and then he buys their finest work. We travel all over Mexico to find Mexican antiques, crafts, and folk art that perpetuate the centuries-old traditions of Huichol art, Mexican pottery, Mexican papel mache, vintage serapes, Oaxacan wood carvings, and much more.

Contact us any time to: discuss or purchase any Mexican folk art item you see here inquire about an artist or item you don’t see here make an appointment to see our gallery arrange a group tour.

Mexican folk art is one of the liveliest and most abundant folk art traditions anywhere in the world. Mexican folk art remains highly regional, with specific areas producing only one type of the Mexican crafts, such as Huichol art, Mexican pottery, Mexican lacquer art, Mexican papel mache, and Mexican serapes. Our gallery features most of these geographical areas and all of these types of folk art, many of which are Mexican antiques. We emphasize the exquisite Tonala pottery and vintage serapes, but we carry a wide variety of fine Mexican crafts.

Because we live in Mexico, we have many resources and can suggest and help you find any Mexican crafts you desire to furnish or decorate your home or office. Mexican folk art blends beautifully with many decorative motifs, from modern to traditional. It can give your home or office a distinctive, colorful flair without looking at all like a Mexican folk art gallery.

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